VHope Resources Sdn.Bhd. is a partner in profitability ; we are compensated based on purchase order performance. We have offices and staff located in Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai and pay for all our expenses associated with the management of the medical equipment distributors.


Staying up to date with the market and offering high-quality solutions, services and capabilities to be tailored to meet your needs.

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VHope Resources Sdn.Bhd .is a performance based partner for you. We are only compensated for the demonstrated purchase orders received from Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, thus assuring mutual success. We apply our knowledge of business practices in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East to transform existing and potential medical distributors into dedicated purchasing partners. Personal contact with distributors is the key to this transformation. Our experienced staff members in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Spain and UK consistently communicate with distributors to establish and maintain the most effective relationships.

reduced travel cost

Traveling to separate Asia-Pacific, Africa and The Middle East countries for single meetings is not cost effective. VHope Resources assumes all these costs. 

improved sales management system

VHope Resources will focus on country-specific sales procedures, allowing your company to look at your total Asia-Pacific, Africa and The Middle East sales. 

Time savings

Following up with individual dealers in separate countries is both time-consuming and logistically difficult because of time differences, language barriers, etc. VHope Resources will handle all dealer management issues from its staff locations. 

face-to-face contact

Meeting dealers one-on-one can have a dramatic impact on dealer loyalty and sales. VHope Resources enables your company to have our staff personally meet with each of your Asia-Pacific, Africa and The Middle East benefits dealers, in their offices, to motivate them to sell more of your product. 

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